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Attending Mass

At this time, Fr. Phuong in conjunction with the Archbishop recommending that people continue to wear face masks while on the Prince of Peace Campus.


A message from the Archbishop
As vaccination rates continue to rise and Washington State begins to further lift restrictions, the Archdiocese of Seattle will be lifting some of its restrictions as well. However, please keep in mind that the Pastors/Administrators/Pastoral Coordinators of parishes will have the final decision on what can and may be done in their specific churches when relaxing previous Mass reopening restrictions. One parish may not be able to offer the same opportunities as a neighboring parish due to size, space limitations, or other circumstances. - 
Archbishop Paul Etienne, Seattle Washington


Fr. Phuong has approved the following changes will take effect the weekend of July 3rd & 4th at Price of Peace Catholic Church

  •  The Mass Reservation System will be discontinued, there is no need to register for any Masses at this time.
  • There will be sections made available at both Churches to allow people to continue the 6 feet social distancing, if so desired.
  • Though restrictions on social distancing has changed, we are still limited to only 50% of each Church’s capacity, St. Gabriel in the main Church 275, St. Gabriel and Prince of Peace 106.
  • The entrance and recessional processions will return.
  • Worship Aides can be reused, no need to recycle them! Breaking Bread books will not return until November, which is the beginning of the new Church Year.
  • Sanitizing the Church after Masses or meetings is no longer required.
  • The Tithing will return to the proper place in the Mass, the collection baskets will be passed during the Preparation on the Gifts.


  • No Social Gatherings such as Coffee/Donuts Breakfast, Luncheons or Dinners.
  • All ministry meetings will follow existing protocols that are in place with the exception of not having to sanitize the area or maintain an attendance log.
  • At this time, Congregational Singing is still not allowed, instead sing in your heart and soul, with the Cantor.
  • Holy Water is not allowed in the fonts.
  • Sign of Peace is still not allowed.
  • Precious Blood is still allowed for the congregation.
  • Presentation of the Gifts is not allowed.
  • Children’s Liturgy is still not allowed.
  • At both Churches, you need to enter through the main doors of the Church, just as you do now. You will be able to exit through the different exit points in each Church.