Faith In Action

April 2019

Apr 15

Good News to Share

Faith Focus for the Week Who in my life needs to hear the Good News?  What is one practical way I will share it?   In our world, joy and sorrow, life and death, beginning and end, coexist. We know what joy is because we have experienced sorrow. We appreciate abundance because we are familiar with need. We value life because loss and...
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Apr 8

Jesus & Money

Faith Focus for the Week How do I use money? When do I consciously give to meet the needs of the poor? We tend to categorize prayer, devotions, reading Sacred Scripture and other forms of worship as spiritual activities, but relegate anything to do with money to the secular realm. In fact, Scripture includes many references to money. Jesus...
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Apr 1

May Christ bless you

  Faith Focus How is my personal prayer life helping me know and love Christ better? _________ Personal prayer is an essential practice in the life of Catholic. Personal prayer is one way of remembering that we are never alone if we are baptized into Christ’s family. Personal prayer helps up give up on the false idea that everything...
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Faith In Action

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