Many Forms of Love

Faith Focus for the Week
Where are all the places I am shown love? How do I express my love for others?

There was a woman who was a single mother and a middle school art teacher. Each year, the woman dreaded the coming of St. Valentine’s Day because she never seemed to have a Valentine. One year, sure enough, St. Valentine’s Day rolled around. That morning, the woman slept in, ignoring her alarm clock. She woke groggily and groaned. She quickly made coffee and got her daughter ready just in the nick of time to catch the school bus.

In her classroom, the teacher began preparing her art projects for the day. She gathered red and pink construction paper, glittering heart confetti, pink and red satin ribbons, lacy white paper doilies.

Her heart felt as if made from heavier materials. The woman slogged through the day of constant reminders that she was single. Alone.

After lunch, one of her favorite students knocked on her classroom door and presented her with a handmade Valentine. Surprised and flattered, the woman opened the card to find it signed by every one of her students. Above the signature, the card read: “You’re the best teacher! You make the world more beautiful! We love you!”

Later in the day, the woman went to pick up her daughter from school. The little girl came running across the playground as soon as she saw her mom. The child jumped into the woman’s arms. “I love you, Mommy!” she said. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” The woman laughed and felt her heart lighten.

After the woman and her daughter returned home, the woman listened to her voicemail and heard the voices of her parents saying, “We love you, sweetheart!” She also had a text from her best friend saying, “You have a special place in my heart!”

The woman put down the phone and held a hand to her heart, now lighter than air. She realized that love has many faces and comes in many forms.

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