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Stewards value resources

There was a woman living in a region plagued by drought. For several years, rainfall had been scarce, but days had burned sunny and hot. Winds further dried the landscape. The soil grew parched. The earth blistered and cracked. Reservoirs shrunk. Stream beds turned to dust. Crops withered, dried and died. Gardens disappeared.

As the drought continued, local governments imposed water restrictions on the citizens of the thirsty land. To conserve water, the water company limited each person  to a fixed number of gallons.

The water restrictions alarmed the woman. She was fond of baths and showers; plus she had flowers and vegetables to water, a bird bath and a fountain to fill. Soon water she so long took for granted became a precious resource. Forced to conserve, she began to value water. She no longer let the faucet run while she brushed her teeth. She washed her car less frequently.

And the woman placed buckets below leaky faucets. She was amazed at how much water accumulated in the pails, drop by drop. She emptied the pails in her birdbath, her fountain and on her flowers and vegetables. 

The woman called a plumber to fix the leaks. Her water bill indicated that her water usage decreased significantly. The woman was astounded at how such small amounts added up to such a large quantity.

Christian stewardship leads us to value our resources, to use them wisely. The good steward wastes nothing. Stewardship increases awareness not only of ourselves, but of the world around us. The good works — no matter how seemingly insignificant — of Christian stewards everywhere add up to build up the Kingdom. With every act of goodwill, no matter how small, the Christian steward contributes to the common good.

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