1171 NE Sand Hill Rd | Belfair, WA 98528

Parish Idenity - About Our Parish

OUR MISSION: Diverse are we, imbued by the Gospel Spirit and centered at the Eucharist, we are a welcoming and caring community, providing opportunity for spiritual and human social development both at home and beyond.

Acknowledging our baptism rights and responsibilities, inspired by the rich tradition of the church and enlightened by the Holy Spirit we strive to:

  • Ground our lives in the sacraments and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Place the worship of God in the Eucharist at the center of parish life
  • Invite and welcome all people from diverse walks of life to our community
  • Honor the customs and traditions within our community
  • Offer comfort to the alienated and marginalized in their faith journey
  • Provide opportunities to enrich prayer and the spiritual lives of our community members
  • Foster each parishioner’s lifelong search to experience and understand Christ and His Church
  • Pass on the faith to our youngest members
  • Become active disciples engaged in God’s work in this world with a commitment to serve one another within and outside our parish