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Catholic Bible Reading Plan

Prince of Peace's Catholic Bible Reading Plan
God Speaks to us through Holy Scripture. Listen to Him daily by reading His Word

For coaching, you are welcome to join us on Mondays from 9:00AM - 9:30AM as we study the Bible together by clicking the link.
You do not have to download an application! 
To be added to an Email list & sent a weekly invitation contact Fr. Ron at <[email protected]

CATHOLIC BIBLE READING PLAN is a thoroughly Catholic way to read Scripture daily. 

  • The source is from the Liturgy of the Hours supplement
  • Built around Salvation History.
  • Integration of the prophets into a historical framework 
  • Pivots around feasts of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost
  • Chronological segments
  • A minimum of repetition.
  • Difficult passages worked into sense sections.
  • Daily Commentary from Christian Community Bible available on Prince of Peace Belfair website

The BOOKMARKS can be downloaded and provide two tracks for each month:

  1. The longer reading is taken from the Old Testament, Acts & Epistles & Revelation 
  2. The Gospel's continuous readings are drawn from weekday Masses of the temporal cycle.
    To make your reading more engaging and understandable you will find a daily commentary at <Prince of Peace Belfair> website keyed to the current week of the liturgical year.

Weekly Readings


Book Marks



II. Lent Wk1 Exo
II. Lent Wk2 Exo
II. Lent Wk3 Exo
II. Lent Wk4 Gen
II. Lent Wk5 Num
II.Ord wk1 Gen
II.Ord wk2 Gen
II.Ord wk3 Gen
II.Ord wk4 Gen
II.Ord wk5 Gen
II.Ord wk6


Dec 2023
Jan 2024
Feb 2024
Mar 2024
Apr 2024
May 2024
Jun 2024
Jul 2024
Aug 2024
Sep 2024
Oct 2024
Nov 2024



Liturgy of the Hours Year 1 Readings
Liturgy of the Hours Year 2 Readings

Other Helpful External Links
Archdiocese of Seattle
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Vatican Website
Agape Bible Study

Last Liturgical Year Readings


Last Liturgical Year Bookmarks

II.Adv wk1 Isa
II.Adv wk2 Isa
II.Adv wk3 Isa
II.Christmas Dec '23
II.Christmas wk2

I.Ord Week 15 2Sam
I.Ord Week 16 1Kg
I.Ord Week 17 1Kg
I.Ord Week 18 2Kings
I.Ord Week 19 2Kgs
I.Ord week20 Eph
I.Ord week21 Eph
I.Ord week22 Amos
I.Ord Week 23 Amos-Hosea
I.Ord Week 24 Hosea

I.Ord Week 25 Is&Mic
I.Ord Week 26 Micah
I.Ord Week 27 Zeph
I.Ord Week 28 Jer
I.Ord Week 29 Nahum
I.Ord Week 30 Jer
I.Ord Week 31 Jer
I.Ord Week 32 Ezk
I.Ord Week 33 Ezk
I.Ord Week 34 Ezk



Dec 2022
Jan 2023
Feb 2023
Mar 2023
Apr 2023
May 2023
Jun 2023
Jul 2023
Aug 2023
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Oct 2023
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