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Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner 2017-07-21

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 7/18/19

Dear Parishioners: Summer indeed is here now; not only as days in the sequence of calendar counting but in reality, and somewhat beautiful weather.  I hope you do enjoy this special time refreshing and engaging in joyful activities.

  Today's first reading from Genesis 18:1-10 presents Abraham as the ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2019-07-14

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 7/11/19

Dear Parishioners: How time have flight by … It’s not been that long, but it’s ONE YEAR Anniversary of the death of a very long-time parish staff of St. Gabriel Parish – Judy Ricciardi, wife of Deacon John - who had worked at St. Gabriel Parish for a total ... Read More »

Pastor's Corner 2019-06-30

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 6/26/19

Dear Parishioners:

… … Happy Fourth of July – Independent Day … …

On this 243rd year of celebrating “Independent Day”, we give thanks to God for the many blessing that our nation has received.  Once again, we join in one voice to ask God for continuing blessings for ... Read More »


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