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Pastor's Page

Pastor's Page

Pastor's Page 2020-08-09

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 8/03/20

Dear Parishioners:  From Exodus, chapter 19, the Lord’s self-revelation to Moses on the same mountain centuries earlier than Elijah in the first reading today, when He entrusted the Ten Commandments to him.  The Lord did manifest Himself on that occasion through dramatic means: thunder and lightning, fire and a ... Read More »

Pastor's Pages 2020-08-02

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 7/30/20

Dear Parishioners: A big word of THANKS to Dominic Legge, O.P. who have celebrated the 9:30 AM Mass for our parish community for the last three consecutive SUNDAYS.  Thank you, Fr. Dominic, for your generosity of sharing your priestly ministry to our community while you are visiting with your ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-07-26

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 7/21/20

Dear Parishioners:

  Thank you, Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P, for your Love and Generous of time during your summer visit this year and other Holidays to celebrate Sunday Eucharist with our parish community. We are truly blessed with your presence and the wisdom you share with us. May you ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-07-19

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 7/15/20

Dear Parishioners: **Congratulation Archbishop Paul Etienne on Receiving the Pallium** The pallium, a special vestment worn around the shoulders by a metropolitan archbishop, represents the archbishop’s responsibility as a shepherd and is a sign of his communion with the Holy See. Each year, the pallia for new or newly-assigned ... Read More »

Pastor's Pages 2020-07-15

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 7/05/20

Dear Parishioners: I hoped that you also had a wonderful celebration of July 4 (Independence Day) this past week. What a great day to remember and celebrate the reality of who we are as a nation and as a people to continue to set high the value of Freedom, ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-06-28

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 6/26/20

Dear Parishioners: We’ve begun our limited public Mass last weekend. I’m echoing the sentiments of many parishioners who are prepared and ready for limited gathering for Eucharistic Celebration again ... It’s great to be back!  What a JOY it is to see a familiar face of many of you, ... Read More »

Pastor's Page 2020-07-05

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 6/26/20

Dear Parishioners: This weekend is our third week back from the process of re-opening limited public Mass. Hopefully, the extra steps that you have to do before Mass are becoming familiar to all of you already.  I want to thank all the volunteers, ministry coordinators and parish staff who ... Read More »

Pastor's Pages 2020-06-21

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 6/14/20

Dear Parishioners: WELCOME BACK TO RE-OPENING LIMITED PUBLIC MASS AT PRINCE OF PEACE PARISH Please check the Parish Website for the new Mass times And the procedures to sign up and getting ready for each Mass (only 50 people) HAPPY FATHER’S DAY …. To all Fathers, we give thanks ... Read More »

Pastor's Pages 2020-06-07

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 6/08/20

Dear Parishioners: As both counties, Mason and Kitsap, move to Phase 2 of Re-Opening Business, our two parish, Prince of Peace-Mason and St. Gabriel-South Kitsap, are also in preparation for limited Re-Opening Mass as well. There are steps for our two parishes’ plans of limited re-opening need to be ... Read More »

Pastor's Pages 2020-06-14

Posted by Kurt Lawrence on 6/08/20

Dear Parishioners: A Chrism Mass, where the Archbishop gather representatives from all parts of the Archdiocese to prepare for the TRIDUUM (three great days – Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday - or the combined of the Great Day before Easter) and also to bless the three different ... Read More »


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