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Pastor's Page 2021-07-25

Dear Prince of Peace Parishioners:

  • In the words of Archbishop Paul Etienne: Our goal with this guidance is to ensure safety, protect the vulnerable among us and support the common good.  Please remember that many people are unvaccinated and may not be able to receive the vaccine for various reasons.  As a welcoming Catholic Church, we must ensure they feel safe and welcome to worship in person.

Just a few restrictions left with target dates:

  • We will continue to Live Stream Mass each weekend.
  • At this time, Congregational Singing is still not allowed, instead sing in your heart and soul, with the Cantor. This is expected to return the weekend of August 28th, 2021
  • No Social Gatherings such as Coffee/Donuts Breakfast, Luncheons or Dinners. No Date Yet.
  • Precious Blood is still NOT allowed for the congregation. No Date Yet.

Please see further information on our parish website:   www.stgabepop.org

  • Even though we’re usually in Mark’s Gospel reading on the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Church supplements this shorter Gospel with John’s Gospel chapter 6 for the next four weekend The student of the Bible would recognize this unique chapter as the “Discourse on the Bread of Life”. 

John’s Gospel does not have a “narrative of the institution of the Last Supper”, but does structure this chapter 6 very much in term of the Eucharistic Celebration in the story of the “multiplication of the Loaves and Fish”.  For the believer, Jesus is much more than a miracle worker; he himself is heavenly food.  The believer will never again experience hunger or thirst.  As bread sustains life, Jesus will sustain all who approach him in faith. To acknowledge Jesus as the living bread is the ultimate expression of God's love in Christ's death and glorification.

I hope that you would have opportunity to reread this chapter 6 of the Gospel of John as you prepare of going to Mass on Sunday.

What does Jesus' Eucharistic presence mean for us?

Does our participation in the weekly and daily celebrations of the Lord's meal transform us into people of gratitude, loving kindness, justice, and charity?

In what ways does the Eucharist symbolize the life we are living and our lives symbolize the Eucharist?

How do we express gratitude? Is the Eucharist giving direction to our life?

  • Congratulation Prince of Peace and St. Gabriel Parishioners. We met our parish goal for 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal.  A BIG word of thanks to the many families who have, once again, helped support this year.  If you didn’t have an opportunity of filling your commitment envelope yet, please join with many of your parishioners to help put our parish beyond our goal; because whatever over our goal will be used to upgrade our parish sound and video system.  OR you may contribute directly for the “Sound and Video System Project”; please see the bulletin for more information.
  • While enjoying the “Summer rest”, please don’t forget our parishes – Prince of Peace and St. Gabriel.

Christ’s Peace, 
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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