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Pastor's Page 2021-08-01

Dear Prince of Peace Parishioners:

  • Auxiliary Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, after spent 4 years with our Archdiocese of Seattle, has received a new assignment from Pope Francis to be the Bishop of Diocese of Reno, Nevada. His installation as Bishop of Reno is scheduled to be Friday, September 25.  Plan of Bishop Daniel farewell in our Archdiocese will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.  Let’s thank him for his four years of ministry here in our Archdiocese and keep Bishop Daniel in our prayer for this transition time for his new ministry in the Diocese of Reno.
  • Our deep condolences to Deacon John and all of this family on the Third Anniversary of his wife – Judy Ricciardi. We thank God for the gift of Judy’s life and ministry to God’s people here at St. Gabriel and continue to pray for her soul, her family and the seeds of ministry that she has started will continue to bear fruits in the future.
  • This is the 2nd of five weekends in which the Church reflects with us the important of John’s Gospel Chapter 6 entitled “The discourse on the Bread of Life” (John 6:24-35) as a part of our Eucharistic celebration.

After the setting of the huge crowd followed, Jesus went up the mountain to teach them and the “miracle of the multiplication of the Loaves and Fish”; the reference to the “mystery of the Mass” in which the Lord Jesus ultimately fed the hungry crowd and all of His people.  This week’s Gospel continues this theme in which Jesus referenced that it’s His Father who gave the Israelites “manna” while they were in the desert, not Moses … but Jesus himself will give them food that remains unto “life eternal” because he is “The Bread of Life” that came down from Heaven.

May our Eucharistic celebrations continue to transform our parish communities and the society around us into a civilization of love!

      May they nourish in us a hunger and thirst for justice. May our longing for the

      Eucharist make us ever more patient and kinder with one another.

Let us pray that we may truly become what we receive in the Eucharistic meal.

  • In the words of Archbishop Paul Etienne: Our goal with this guidance is to ensure safety, protect the vulnerable among us and support the common good.  Please remember that many people are unvaccinated and may not be able to receive the vaccine for various reasons.  As a welcoming Catholic Church, we must ensure they feel safe and welcome to worship in person.

Just a few restrictions left with target dates:

  • We will continue to Live Stream Mass each weekend.
  • At this time, Congregational Singing is still not allowed, instead sing in your heart and soul, with the Cantor. This is expected to return the weekend of August 28th, 2021
  • No Social Gatherings such as Coffee/Donuts Breakfast, Luncheons or Dinners. No Date Yet.
  • Precious Blood is still NOT allowed for the congregation. No Date Yet.

Please see further information on our parish website:   www.stgabepop.org

  • While enjoying the “Summer rest”, please don’t forget our parishes – Prince of Peace and St. Gabriel.


Christ’s Peace, 
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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