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Pastor's Page 2021-08-08

Dear Prince of Peace Parishioners:

  • This is the 3rd weekends in which the Church reflects with us the important of John’s Gospel Chapter 6 entitled “The discourse on the Bread of Life”. For Elijah, for Jesus, and for us, bread is fundamental to life and in today's Gospel (John 6:41-51) we hear about Jesus who is the Bread of Life.  To eat Jesus' body and to drink his blood means more than just to believe in him.  When Jesus says that he is "the bread of life" his emphasis is not on the bread as such, but on himself as the 'I" who declares it.  He is the word that will satisfy our hunger for truth. He is bread for life itself; the total satisfaction for all our human hungers.
  • For all baptized believers the Eucharist is the primary way of celebrating and sustaining contact with the risen Lord.
  • Jesus took the bread. He has taken the bread of our lives and joined it with his own.
  • Jesus blessed the bread. He has blessed us with his life in Baptism and many other moments of our lives.
  • Jesus broke the bread. Like Jesus, there are moments in our lives when we feel hurt, broken, lost, discouraged, disillusioned, empty, rejected and without energy and hope; the Lord Jesus is present to us.
  • Jesus gave the bread. He gave of his time and his touch. He gave encouragement, but also his challenge. He gave both word and bread to feed and nourish. He gave most fully in giving himself.
  • In life, death, and resurrection, Jesus has given us a profound example, and challenges us to do the same. "Go and do likewise" is both a challenge and a commission.

Let us pray that our sharing in the Eucharistic bread and wine may transform us more and more into what we eat and drink, and that we might truly become living bread, broken and shared with all people.

  • Next Sunday, August 15 – uniquely this year, fall on the Lord’s Day and the Church will celebrate this Feast in a special way. The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryBody and Soul into Heaven – reminds us of the special privilege and reward of our Blessed Mother of her faithfulness to God in her life.  May her son, Jesus’ gift of the “Living Bread”, help us also to be one day with him and our blessed Mother as we also open to receive and remain faithful to Him.  
  • Congratulation Prince of Peace Parishioners. We met our parish goal for 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal.  A BIG word of thanks to the many families who have, once again, helped support this year.  If you didn’t have an opportunity of filling your commitment envelope yet, please join with many of your parishioners to help put our parish beyond our goal; because whatever over our goal will be used to upgrade our parish sound and video system.  OR you may contribute directly for the “Sound and Video System Project”; please see the bulletin for more information.
  • While enjoying the “Summer rest”, please don’t forget our parishes – Prince of Peace and St. Gabriel.

Have a wonderful week with Jesus Presence and His abundant Grace.

Christ’s Peace, 
Fr. Phuong Hoang


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